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Notes and Stories about time traveling from a man who claims to be me. I post one page of the story per day (except Sunday)

Friday, October 26, 2007

From the real George McDougall

I was hoping to receive newer notes and pages on the person reporting to be me. I have a lot of other notes that are pretty much gibberish. They are more doodles than notes. I think the guy claiming to be me is a psychiatric patient that one of my social worker friends gave them a copy of my old crappy fanzines. Now that I moved back to Cleveland maybe he can no longer find my address 19771 South Sagamore. I have a picture of him and he really doesn't look like me that much. I actually like the story he was writing, some of the stuff he knew creeped me and my friends out a little bit.

I noticed he got some of his facts wrong like Bill Gates taking Xerox's GUI, I read up on it and it was Apple that got the Goowey. Any way I was thinking about posting some of the notes and doodles this guy sent me. My friend Pat Roach and I were thinking about turning it into a comic book. Hopefully some time soon I'll go ahead and post these other stories that seem to be out of sequence, or possibly a different story all together.

You can tell in from his writing, (my friend Dan Videc said) that he is definitely is under medication or on some type of drug because his writing style goes from clear and coherent to sloppy and unorganized. - in and out, and that he might have some sort of personality disorder because his writing styles and lettering clearly change. Also I just want to say I don't want to glamorize insanity or feel that I'm profiting, or promoting, or staring and pointing, so on and so on in any way. The story this guy is writing is interesting, and I don't think I'm feeding his illness by typing his work. If this person is healed and wants to give me his real name I will publish so he can take the credit.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We could not convince the man in the sky to come with us outside his world. After all, he did have god like powers and he did not want to give them up. He convinced many of his people of TG3 to stay as well. I expect that when we leave and let go of the hostages we took at Virtuadyne Software, the employees will shut down the game, and either try and rebuild it, or figure out that the original programming has become so messed up that the game cannot be saved.

I assumed they most likely have back up memory, maybe I hope they can keep the world going and leave empty unconscious bodies for them to possess whenever they want to visit the world of TG3, and that the players come not to blow up things or simulate war, but to visit another world in which they can hold conversations with virtual beings who might be possibly be as intelligent or more intelligent than they are.

It seems unfair that one world has the power to turn the other one off. Maybe the two worlds can and will get along I recommended this to the employee hostages, but if he understood or cared is unknown.

The man in the sky, made sure that everyone who was killed by people playing the game were brought back to life. He reluctantly put out our message that we would take people to another universe, where they would be safe and not run the risk of being turned off or possessed. Even though some people weren’t sure if they could trust us because of our halos, we eventually led more than 70% of the people outside the universe into the whiteness. We did not tell the people about Death, and that they were under his/her domain now. As everyone held hands into the whiteness we started traveling through the multi-verse. Before we entered the land of the dead, I saw what I believed to be Deaths universe cloak flying towards us. I could not see anybody else’s reaction, but they must have been somewhat scared as we were enveloped in the universe of Death’s cloak so that we could all see each other again.

Death took the form of a wise old man so as to not to scare anyone, and he said that his helpers have been working on a peaceful universe, so as to make every one happy. Death pointed to a floating bubble of a universe that thirty versions of myself gathered around it and were meditating so as to make the universe more solid and real. Death told families to hold hands as they entered so that they may all enter the universe during the same time and not be lost hundreds of years apart. Once they were in they could not leave.

Some people hesitantly asked if they could not go in, I assumed they thought it was a trap or a trick. Death said quite snidely that they could go wherever they wanted, and opened up his cloak so that people were once again in the whiteness. I only assumed from then on that most people chose to go in the universe that was created for them.

I wasn’t sure what to think, at first I was happy in the fact I believed I save d a bunch of people by ensuring their continuing existence, however all those I had a hand in saving were now parts of Deaths’ collection of souls, and would be most likely be brought up to wage a war on Heaven one day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I was able to narrow down on the city and then the hospital, where I was to find a comatose individual. I selected an old man, and I saw that another George had also selected an old lady. “I spoke into the microphone on my sensory suit “Why an old lady, just for a laughs?” He responded “No, it’s because old ladies are less threatening.”

We walked out of the hospital room and I realized my character couldn’t move that fast. As we stepped out into the hospital hallway all the doctors and nurses and other old people were very scared and many of them ran and hid. Others tried to grab patients and get them away from us into safety. I looked at the George in the form of an old lady. A halo appeared over her head and said player 7. “Hey player 7 what do we do now” I asked by speaking into the mic in my sensory suit.

“Try to find some TV camera men and not get killed I guess.” was her reply.

We told the people in the hospital we were not there to hurt them. “Listen, listen we’re the good guys. We picked old people who couldn’t think anymore to show you we mean no harm. We are here to save you from the makers of the game. We’re going to get you out of here. We’re going to stop the fighting we promise.” Our rant was not winning them over.

As soon as we walked out of the front door of the hospital, a giant hand came up from the ground. Another hand came out from the side walk as well and grabbed the other George. The hands lifted us towards the sky. As I shot up towards the sky, a face appeared in the clouds and spoke “Give me one good reason why I should not kill you?”

“We’re here to help the people of this world.” the other George explained. We’re not the makers of the game, but we’ve hijacked the controls from the makers. Who are you?”
The man in the sky answered “I’m the bug you are trying to destroy, I will not tell you my name. Just know that I don’t believe you are here to help, you are the makers and you’re lying to me. Your crappy building of this world left an unpixalated triangular hole in the sky, and by walking through it I was able to see behind the graphics and saw the code for this world. I was able to bring the innocent people you killed back from the dead with this code, I am able to make the sick strong, and I vow that no more harm shall come to this world now that I can control of the code. If I was dumb enough to give you my name, you’d look for my individual program and shut it off. So tell me again why I should let you live?”

“For one we’re not going to die if you kill us, we’ll just be kicked out of the game. The second reason a large company has put a lot of money and research into this world hoping they’ll make money off of it. If they can’t sell the game, the makers are just going to turn it off and your whole world will die. We are here to take you people out of the game world and put them and you into a more stable universe where people from the outside won’t be able to play or possess you. You and every one else is free to come with us, or you can stay here and run the risk of getting shut down.” The other George said.

The man in the sky responded (the former Dr. Huffstead) “Here in this world I can make everyone invincible, we are programmed to easily learn. If this game is part of a computer, I’ll eventually learn other programs outside this game. I could escape this game on my own, we all can.

“Yes, but where are you going to go, are you going to hide in a typing program?”

No’ I’ll first become one computer and then I’ll learn to become every computer. Will your world allow me to do that? Will it allow me to have that type of code?”

No you won’t be a code, where will be going, you’ll be more physical. You’ll be what you were originally programmed to believe what you were, flesh and blood.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Three of us stood inside the Virtuadyne CEO’s office. Discussing how we were going to save the people inside the video game from being shut off. The CEO seemed to be wounded or dead from electrocution or a surge. None the less, there were now employees walking up to the CEO’s office, probably wanting to know what was going on. The employees entered looking at us and their damaged boss. They were speechless.

“Give us your suits and show us to your computers” demanded the most experienced George.

The Virtuadyne employee said “We’re calling the police and closed the door on us. The two employees then started looking for things in the hallway to block the door. The most experienced George disappeared from my vision and then I saw the two employees being shoved into the room by two experienced Georges. Apparently the experience George jumped in and out of the universe cloning him self. This had the employees scared. “Take us to some game counsels!” the other George demanded.

They led us down the office hallway. One of the Georges peered into an office and he said “Wait”. He opened the door to an office where an employee oblivious to what was going on, was laughing and had on gaming goggles along with his sensory suit. On the TV in front of him it showed he was piloting a mech and blowing up people and destroying fleeing cars. Cops were firing at him but he said “Mech life restore” and the shattered bullet holes on the screen went away. One of the more experienced Georges went up and yelled at the employee “KNOCK IT OFF!”. The employee jumped up in surprise and took off his goggles. The other employee who was being held hostage by me “Told the shocked employee “Please do what they say!”

The more experienced George duplicated himself again and he told me to stay with the employees, he told every one else to fan out and make sure everybody stops playing the game. They all left the room and I was stuck with the three employees. I told them all to get out of their sensory suits. On the screen the employees mech was dying and finally blew up. Another me popped into the room. The other me said “You decide to copy yourself in a couple seconds so one guy can watch the employees and one guy can play the game.

“Oh” I remarked “can I play the game?

“Yah, I’ll watch the guys.” said the other me.

One of the other George’s showed up at the door in a sensory suit “Hey, listen were all possessing elderly comatose people inside the games hospitals, so we don’t possess any one conscious, and we don’t scare anyone.”

“Okay” I said, and I put on the suit, I left the goggles off, and grabbed the controller. I started a new game. The employee told me how to enter the current solar system most of them were playing on, on the companies LAN line. I asked the employee why he was shooting up everybody.

“I just got bored of fighting in the war and was having fun blowing stuff up in the city. The boss told me I was doing a good job because he believed some person who was part of the game was causing a bug in the program. If we scared the people in the game they might tell us how to destroy the bug or who was causing it.”

“You realize you guys created intelligent life inside that game, and the people in there, can really think and feel.”

“No they can’t they are just programmed to believe they can think and feel.” argued the employee. “Granted, we did make it so that the characters through wandering around and interacting with other characters in the game, can pick up information, and add that info onto their characters knowledge data base. It is not thinking though, it’s just adding and acquiring knowledge.”

“What’s the difference?” I added “Aren’t you programmed to believe you can think and feel, even though you seem to enjoy going around and killing people.”

“They’re not people, they’re binary code.” the employee stated

“Yeah, they’re super advanced binary code, and your DNA, shut up and tell me how to get to the hospital with the comatose people.”

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The world had come crashing down rather quick. In the sky scrolled words above every city that the world was a game, and listed the 473 creators of the world and also the math and the code that made up the world. A group of large mechs had escaped from the military and entered the city. The mechs were killing innocent civilians and blowing up anything that got in their path. The mech pilots were all assumed to have the Halo Virus. There was also a group of prostitutes on the news claiming that they had all performed acts with a very rich man infected with the halo virus. This man had told them he was a creator of time and map layout in the universe. The prostitutes on camera all claimed that the man said if they told anyone what he was doing he would kill them, and would not feel any pity, because he said that they really don’t exist.

An hour later a man with a halo was being interviewed on television. “I am your creator.” the man said. “I and others programmed you each with the abilities to learn and interact as separate programs in a much larger program which is a game called Terra Gaia 3. The Halo appears over one of you when a real life player playing this game selects one of you random programs wandering around your world. You think but trust me you do not exist. We have the ability to shut your world off and make all of you start over again not knowing anything except your fake programmed generic pasts, that you all believe you really have. We have done it before countless times. This game has not gone online yet but we need to fix the bugs, and we need to fix it to make this world a better place for all of you. So who ever figured out how to go beyond the pixilation of the game and is screwing up the sky, they are not only threatening themselves, but the lives of all of you. So I ask the stupid genius writing in the sky what is it going to be? Are you willing to kill everybody, are you happy your shattering every bodies hopes and dreams and scaring all the so called kids out there.

A couple seconds passed and the sky turned blue with the usual white fluffy clouds again. The man with the halo stood their smiling at the camera as his face beamed across the world on almost every television. Then the halo man remarked “We made you guys too smart for your own good!”, and as he stood their chuckling a lightning bolt came down from the sky and struck him. The camera crew surrounding him thought he was dead but he rose up from the ground charred. “You stupid idiots, I felt that through my neural suit do you know what I can do to you. I am your God.” Then one of the camera crew smacked the haloed man with his camera while the other man filmed, and soon a group of onlookers jumped in and continued to beat the Haloed man senseless.


I was able to see the universe Terra Gaia 3 and a more experienced version of me told me to not enter into the universe fore it might be fatal for the universe. My other self told me to follow him and we would go to the root of creation for Terra Gaia 3. When we finally arrived at the direct source of TG3 we found ourselves in the office building of Virtuadyne Software Co. We walked by a couple offices to see that in each one an individual with a controller in his hand also wearing a full latex looking sensory suit sitting in front of a computer.
The clocks on the wall said it was 8 pm and even though most of the lights were off in the office, it seemed a lot of people were still working, or for that matter playing. Another George appeared near the end of the hallway and waved me and the other George over. We creeped along till we reached him and then he pointed at the CEO’s office. We entered slowly to find a very fat man squeezed into a sensory suit, part of the suit was unzipped so his gut had some breathing room. The CEO seemed unconscious with sweat dripping and his head rolled to the side, and in the air it smelled like something was burning. The computer that sat before him displayed people standing looking down, some looking angry while others looking confused.

The other George turned to me” We have to save these people from being shut down, we need to go grab some suits and controllers.”

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sam was lying down next to his new friend Paul on the ground, in order to not move his hand. His hand where ever it moved in the air made an imperfect boxy permanent glowing blue imprint. Two men were guarding the front of the shed where Sam was laying down. One of the men stepped further out, so he could now talk to a police officer who had just arrived at the scene. The man in the nice suit blocked the police officer’s view of what was inside the shed, namely Sam. The man in the suit told the police officer that the current situation is now a government matter, but an ambulance might be necessary. As more cops arrived at the scene, the man in the suit told them the same thing.

Soon a helicopter arrived on the scene, and a group of men got off and stepped into the shed. Two of these men escorted Paul out of the barn and as they walked out told Paul that he is not in any type of trouble, they just have questions and security issues. Four other men from the copter walked up and surrounded Sam. After Paul had completely left one of the men in a lab coat told Sam to hold still and said “Your going to be just fine.” Then pulled out a needle and stuck it in Sam’s arm. Sam felt the prick and said nervously “What’s going on, what are you doing tom me?” The men who surrounded Sam said “Just relax, you’ll be fine”.

Sam woke up in a panic from a dream to where he was tied down, and sure enough he woke and was tied down to a hospital bed. As soon as he popped out of sleep a nurse sitting down in a chair and reading a magazine stood up and said “I’ll be right back.” He looked at the straps over his arms, and realized there was stitching around his wrist. They appeared to have given him a new hand which he knew was electronic under the skin but Sam could not move it and felt pain when he tried.

One of the same men in a lab coat from the previous night in the shed, walked into Sam’s hospital room. “Hello, Mr. Nguyen, did I pronounce that right, crazy night a couple days ago. How are you feeling?”

Did you take my hand off? asked Sam.

“Yes, I’m sorry we had too, but we gave you a free new one that is going to cost tax payers a whole bunch of money. Your parents are down stairs but they can’t see you just yet, not my policy, but they know you had an operation. Can I trust you to loosen the straps. I’d take them off if I was allowed but it’s a no go. Can I loosen them.

“Yes, please” replied Sam.

“I’m doctor Redkin by the way. Mr. Nguyen are you feeling up to some questions right now or do you need some more sleep.”

“I’ll try.” said Sam

"Do you remember what happened after you were sedated the night at the shed?"

“I just assumed I fell a sleep, did something else happen?”

"Well a colleague of mine may have passed away. This was his second time seeing one of the blue holes in the sky, The other one has been covered up under lock and key so that no one can get to it, after it was deemed to dangerous to study, since a bunch of bad incidences occurred. Well after we sedated you. Doctor Huffstead my friend jumped through the triangle. My only reasoning is he thought it might be the last chance he has of studying the phenomenon. Well after this happened Dr. Huffstead was blue and ordered not to move. Doctor Huffstead then seemed to roll in on himself while others were orderd to fire upon him. The doctor let out a horrible echoing scream and disappeared. Do you have any recollection of any of this?” asked Dr. Redkin

No, is this secret? asked Sam.

"It probably should be, but today on the news some weird stuffs is happening. Well for instance yesterday me and my wife had noticed dramatic improvements in our health and bodies, and let me warn you to get ready for a shock. I’m going to open up the curtains to your room. Are you ready?”

“Uhm, yeah I guess so” said Sam.

Dr Redkin opened up the curtains, to reveal the sky was half bright white, and half black. “The news says this half black and half white is actually part of a big letter I, and it’s part of a sentence. The satellite images from space read “WE LIVE IN A GAME”.”

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Paul led the High school seniors through a dying field of crops to the haunted house, the haunted house was found out to mean a dingy old barn that looked like it hadn’t been used in thirty years. The whole time Paul was leading, he held up the flashlight to his face, jokingly trying to be scary, even though it really wasn’t that dark outside yet. The girls started singing show tunes, to stop them selves from being scared. This whole singing show tunes was working in the fact that is was making things not scary at all. Sam was disappointed because this meant no hugging from being scared.

Sam was thinking how stupid this whole adventure was turning out to be. When they finally got to the old barn, which was more like a large tool shed, Paul had a smile on his face. “You guys ready,” Then Paul’s face didn’t look so sure anymore. He opened the faded shed door and everyone casually started to walk towards the entrance.

Inside was the most creepiest thing Sam had ever seen. As Lauren held onto Sam tightly, he looked ahead to see a blue triangle near the back of the shed about twenty feet away from him. The triangle was filled with a solid blue that seemed to emit a glow, and it stood still in the air about five feet away from the back of the shed and about three feet off the ground. There was scared hugs all around as the group slowly walked to the side of the triangle with a distance of seven feet between them and it.

Paul said “My brother said his friend touched it.” Paul was leading the way on getting closer to it. Then Michelle said “Hey you can’t even see it on the back side.” Every body went to look at the back and noticed it could not be seen. They were walking back and forth seeing from the front but not seeing it from the back. This action was making the floating blue triangle seem less scary, which at this point every one thought was a good thing.

Paul went up close to it and looked at it from about three feet away. “All I see is blue” he said as he turned his head facing his ear towards it. Everyone became quiet for a while. What do you hear asked Samantha. “Nothing” said Paul. Sam was noticing Paul was doing all the heroic work. He wanted in on a piece of the action, so he stood next to Paul.

“I’m gonna try and touch it” said Sam. Paul repeated my Brother friend said he touched it.
“What happened?” asked Sam.

“Nothing, well I guess, well he didn’t say anything happened just that he touched it.”

Sam went ahead an put the tip of his pointer finger into the blue triangle. Then Michelle said ”Look his finger tip is blue. People went around to the side and looked to see Sam’s finger go right through the triangle turning the part of the finger that went into the triangle a glowing blue.

Sam pulled his finger tip out to see that no change had occurred, nor did he feel anything. Sam then put his eye right up to the triangle and looked right into it. He saw nothing but blueness. “Maybe we should tell a scientist about this.” Sam said. Sam put his whole hand in the triangle. He moved his hand around being all blue. He then took his hand to the edge of the triangle moving it out from the side and not pulling it back out like his finger. Sam’s hand as he pulled it out from the side slowly appeared it was going back to normal color. Then he noticed some of his hand had remained blue, and it wasn’t going away. Sam and everybody grew scared at this, Calvin suggested pulling his hand out like he put it in and not take it out from the side. Sam put his hand back in the triangle and pulled it out.

The parts of his hands that were blue remained blue, but what was worse, everywhere his hand had been remained. His hand was leaving a glowing blue imprint in the air wherever it had been. The blue was not going away. He took two steps back and left two feet of blue fragmented streaks in the air, which made it seem like he was cracking a hole in the air. He looked At Lauren “Stay away!” she said as she backed towards the opening to the shed. Calvin said “Sam, stay where you are, don’t move. We will go get help.

Samantha asked if she could get a ride home because she was with her younger sister and she is going to be in trouble if her Mom finds out. Paul volunteered to stay with Sam, and all the others took off, with only Calvin and Michelle saying they would return. This left Paul with out a ride, and depending on Calvin to return. Paul sat down in the shed, while Sam stood there afraid to move.

“Maybe this is the start of your super hero carreer said Paul, the Blue Streak.

“Yeah”, I guess said Sam, “If I’m not a super villain, the guy who cracks blue holes in the sky.” Paul’s talking made the situation less frightening but eventually Sam got tired and decided to lay down, creating a bigger blue jagged line in the air.

“You’d think the Planets rotation would move the crack in the sky “said Paul “But I guess not.”

“That’s a good thing though” Sam said with a tired voice.

An hour and a half later Sam and Paul heard a noise coming towards the barn, expecting Calvin to bring back help. They found instead two men one wearing a long grey jacket and both are wearing white button down shirts with ties and black pants on. Upon entering the shed and seeing Sam one of the men says out loud “Holy $#!+ shouldn’t there be people guarding this thing.” The other man explains “We are the guards, now act professional, and turns to Paul and Sam. “All right, legally I got the right to shoot both of yous on site, but I aint gonna, please just tell us what happened.”

The other guy who was acting unprofessional is now on the phone “Yah, it’s real, but it’s no longer a blue triangle, it’s a blue triangle with some young guy connected
to it, yah, uh huh, looks like he’s been crying.”